When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind.



Rahul Construction was set up in 1977 under the able leadership of Mr. Raichand Kunkulol, with strong ideals and a zeal to provide a complete multi-faceted service to people.

After completing his graduation in Civil Engineering, Mr. Raichand, the self-motivated dreamer that he is, set high targets for himself. That prompted him to soon move to Pune from his hometown, Beed in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Pune, in the 1970s, was a wealth of opportunities with all the big name companies of the time looking to invest at its heart, making it the leading engineering capital of the country. Raichandji started the company beginning with stand alone structures, laying the path ahead one brick at a time.

Working day and night he had laid a strong foundation for the company, soon handling multiple projects simultaneously with an ever growing team. At his heart a family man, albeit with business acumen and quality management skills, he understood the needs of families from different walks of life. It came naturally to him and he took careful personal attention with each project. 

He infused his passion for perfection through the years at home bringing up his two sons, providing them quality education and training them with the same vigour so that the company reaches new heights – all the while setting importance on staying grounded with the growing success. Today Rahul Construction company is a star in the Pune construction fraternity with 10,000+ satisfied clients who keep coming back.


“Aim for the stars and you will reach the moon someday. But don’t stop there just keep going.” A principle that I have always lived by and have tried to ingrain among the core board members, which in turn has exuded onto the hearts and minds of all the staff here at company. 

Never compromising on quality whether in terms of construction or exemplary personal service delivery; we have always focused on getting our hands on prime locations, because we know connectivity is of paramount importance for families to flourish peacefully. Always taking careful attention to understand the evolving needs and aspirations of our customers, the target is to keep creating landmark structures that define where utility and design coalesce into perfection.




The founder and director of Rahul Construction company is still at the helm of all operations guiding everyone with his wealth of experience in the industry spanning five decades. He graduated in Civil Engineering in 1970 which set the tone with an in-depth hands-on knowledge of the science behind sturdy constructions.



He brings strategic expertise into the growth operations of the company. He completed his MBA in 2002 specializing in Finance from the Regents Business School in London. Rahul works behind the scenes playing a key role in selecting prime locations for future projects, figuring legalities and liaising with the best possible collaborators.



He focuses on the seamless performance of the enterprise through his key expertise in execution. He completed his MBA in 2008 specializing in Marketing from the Regents Business School in London. Always pushing boundaries to deliver quality constructions, Siddharth heads the business development and marketing side of the operations.


After 1970, Pune emerged as the leading engineering city of the country with Telco, Bajaj, Kinetic, Bharat Forge, etc increasing their infrastructure and investments. This allowed the city to compete with Chennai for the title of “Detroit of India” at that time. The city was growing fast and it has picked up phenomenal pace recently since the IT boom in India. 

In the initial days of the company, we started from standalone residential buildings focusing on the central heart of the city, at regions like Kothrud or even Warje. Then slowly moving onto bigger complexes, townships and commercial centers, we started expanding towards the north-western sections of the city. In short Pune provided a wealth of opportunity for a close knit family business like ours, taking care of the growing city’s housing needs. 

By early 2000s, as the highway connecting the financial capital with India’s silicon valley became more and more popular, the westward expansion continued with an increasing influx of ambitious migrant population flooding Pune. Mr. Raichand identified the opportunity and focused on modelling the company’s growth, meeting the evolving needs of the people.