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EC Received For Rahul East View, Hadapsar. Book Now

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1977 saw the rise of a new star in Pune’s construction fraternity, our illustrious founder Mr. Raichand Kunkulol who took upon himself the task of building a unique legacy of reconstructing the Indian real estate industry. Fired by the desire to create well designed, quality homes for every income bracket, our journey from modest beginnings to a highly reputed company lies in our wholehearted commitment to our valued customers. We are proud of the immense goodwill and referrals our projects have consistently garnered leading to our growth and success.

For at Rahul Construction we do not merely build, we create the new tomorrow that you have always dreamt of.


Home is where the heart is

And this is the emotion that we strive to infuse in all our projects. Making sure that with Rahul Construction Company, you just don't buy a home, you buy a future full of stability, trust and opportunities for your loved ones. Whether you're looking for a home with the best connectivity to schools or proximity to a vibrant cultural lifestyle, we have a plethora of projects that cater to every need and desire.



Thoughtful planning, customer-centric designing and quality construction are the hallmarks of Rahul Construction. We strive continuously to deliver value for money 24x7.


At Rahul Construction, your investment is safe with us. What’s more, every Rahul Construction project comes fitted with modern security systems for peace of mind.

Timely Delivery

Rahul Construction is committed to timey delivery of projects - because we realize that every day delayed costs money, and causes inconvenience.


At Rahul Construction, we provide all necessary guidance and assistance to make the paperwork and registration process easy and hassle-free for our customers.


  • Inspired by the perfection and benefits of gemstones, Rahul Aston     
    offers an unparalleled living experience,

    Ideal Location for Serene Living

    2 & 3 bhk Flats

  • Every project has been designed incorporating contemporary design,
    lifestyle features and community amenities that
    appeal to everyone.

    Ideal Location for Serene Living

    Rahul Arcus, Baner, Pune
    2 & 3 bhk Flats

  • Every project has been designed incorporating contemporary design,
    lifestyle features and community amenities that
    appeal to everyone.

    Ideal Location for Serene Living

    Rahul Park, Warje, Pune
    2, 3 & 4 bhk Flats



We got to know about Rahul Construction through my friends and family members decided to take a chance and buy a flat. The ace for Rahul Park proved to be its location. Ten minutes from Kothrud and just few minutes from Pune centre it was the location we were looking for.
Sudhannvva Kulkarni D6,
Rahul Park, Warje.
The flat we purchased from Rahul Construction Co. gives us complete satisfaction! They have left absolutely NO compromise in terms of the construction quality and layout. The project is located very conveniently and is considered a landmark in Warje.
Yogesh Deshmukh
D5, Rahul Park, Warje
Rahul Construction has been excellent for its quality and commitment! My first experience during 2005 and now again I experienced their values while purchasing a flat in Rahul Park. I would hands-down refer them to anyone and everyone!
Nitin Joshi
Rahul Park, Warje
Owning a home under Rahul Construction was always one of our dreams as they are known for their best quality, spacious flats, and excellent finishing. Our dream came true when we saw Rahul Arcus. Looking at the lavish size of the living space, our reaction was simply WOW!!! Rahul Arcus (Construction), don’t need any kind of brand promotion as their flats speak for themselves. The staff was very generous, polite, supportive, and patient with all our requirements and throughout the process. We are excited to move into our new home. We wish Rahul Construction great success in their future endeavors and good luck in fulfilling the dreams of many families like us.
Gayatri and Piyush Taranekar
Rahul Arcus, Baner
मि साधारण चार वर्षापूर्वी आपल्या वारजे येथील राहूल पार्क या स्कीममद्ये दोन बेडरूमचा flat खरेदी केला. खरे म्हणजे एक flat पूर्वी असल्याने अजून एक flat घेण्याचा विचार नव्हता.पण हायवे वरून जात असताना मित्राने सांगीतले येथे बाराव्या मजल्यावर flat शिल्लक आहे. विचार केला बघायला काय हरकत आहे. आपल्या साईट office वर चौकशी केली. त्यांनी दोन Bhk चा flat शिल्लक आहे आणि १३५० sq.ft. Area आहे सांगीतले. परत विचार केला सगळीकडे 2 bhk flat साधारण 1030 sq.ft. चे असतात, हा 1350 एरीया म्हणजे लुटमारच आहे. तुमच्या office मधल्या निलीमा madam म्हणाल्या बघा तरी. Flat बघीतला, एकदम आवडला. मोठे आणि रूंद पँसेज, प्रसन्न वाटणारा flat, दोन मोठे टेरेस, भरपूर उजेड आणि वारा. टेरेस मधून समोर दीसणारा मरीन ड्राईव्ह सारखा view. मोठ्या रुम्स, प्रशस्त कीचन कम डायनिंग, लीव्हींग. सर्व सोयी. First site impression एकदम चांगलेच झाले व तो flat आम्ही घेतला. आमचे एकत्र कुटूंब आहे, आम्ही तिघे भाउ आहोत. आमचे flat चे समोरच आपला अजून flat शिल्लक होता, तोही नंतर सात आठ महीन्यात घेतला. नंतर तिसरा flat शिल्लक नव्हता म्हणून निलीमा madam यांनी सांगीतले की तुम्ही बाणेरच्या स्कीममधील flat बघा तरी. तो flat सूद्धा आवडला, area 1350 sq.ft.
छान इलेव्हेशन, भरपूर उजेड, प्रशस्त व आकर्शक passage, आतून नेहमी सारखाच आकर्षक flat, सर्व सोयींनी युक्त. तोही flat आम्ही घेतला. तिन्ही भावांचे flat आपल्या कडे घेतले. कारण आपले flat घेतल्यावर दूसरीकडचे 1020 sq ft. चे घ्यायची इच्छाच होईना. आपली कामाची Quality सूद्धा चांगली आहे, सरळ व्यवहार, लांडी लबाडी नाही, बोलताना मग्रूरी नाही, चांगला स्टाफ ही आपली बलस्थाने आहेत आणि ती आपण या पूढेही जपाल याची खात्री आहे. आपल्या व्यवसायास व कौटूंबिक आयूष्यास शूभेच्छा.
विनय पोरे व पोरे कुटूंबिय,
वाई (सातारा) राहूल पार्क, वारजे